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Stop Dying To Be Married, Live Instead

Allowing yourself to be prepared for your future spouse instead of simply waiting for it to happen

Stop Dying To Be Married, Live Instead
Stop Dying To Be Married, Live Instead

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m just dying to be married”? Maybe that person is you. The trouble with that saying is that it sets a mindset that is desperate enough to either do anything to be married or accept anything just to say that you’re married. How often have you been asked by someone in your family, a close friend or co-worker when you’re going to have that moment of walking down the aisle and getting hitched?

Does any of this cause you to feel as though there is some magical or unseen ticking time bomb that will go off as some predetermined date? Do you get the feeling as though you’re like a carton of milk on the store shelf that will spoil if you’re not taken by a certain date? This is not how God intended for us to view marriage.

Eve had to be prepared

God’s plan has always been to give you the desire of your heart. However, whatever your heart’s desire happens to be must also line up with His timing for your life. Do you think that when God created Adam, He didn’t already know Adam would need an Eve? He waited until Adam recognized that there was not someone like him before He set forth to prepare Eve for him. Adam was already living, working, and fulfilling his calling. However, the fullness of his calling could not be fulfilled without a “help meet.” God had to prepare Eve for Adam.

“But wait,” you say. “What does this have to do with me? If all Eve had to do was be prepared for Adam, why am I not married? Doesn’t this mean I’m waiting on Adam to recognize his need for me?”

You could look at it this way. However, the key to this is that Eve had to be prepared. What that means is that Eve’s preparation was a matter of being put into order so that she was ready to handle Adam’s calling and purpose. While it may be that Adam could not fulfill the full call apart from Eve, Eve had to be prepared to be able to be the help that he needed.

God will present you to the one you’ve been made for

If you’re not married yet, do not fret. Your call to marriage is not based on a set time table. It’s based on the level of purpose that you and the one you’ve been called to walk with. That means he must see his need and you must go through your process of preparation. I know this can seem as though that is more frustrating than how you saw things before.

However, if you keep your focus on your part and live that part out, know that God is going to set things up and align things up in the fullness of time to fashion and introduce you to the one He has for you. You do have to struggle to make it happen. God will present you to the one you’ve been made for. So, go ahead and live your life focused on what you need to focus on.

Live, and stop dying to be married.

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