Struggle With Worry? Get Seth Dahl's New Book "Curing Worry God's Way" | God TV

Struggle With Worry? Get Seth Dahl’s New Book “Curing Worry God’s Way”

A worry free life is possible! 

Struggle With Worry? Get Seth Dahl’s New Book “Curing Worry God’s Way”
Struggle With Worry? Get Seth Dahl’s New Book “Curing Worry God’s Way”

curing worry God's way“When I think of the word default, I automatically think about my phone. We all have default settings and applications on our phones. We have default internet browsers, calendar apps, apps for the map, and apps for taking notes. Default apps are the ones we automatically open when we need to perform a task or get online. Different apps have different features and abilities, so we choose our “defaults” based on what features we need and want, usually because we have a preference for what it offers.

There is a similarity between our hearts and the apps on our phones. Imagine our hearts like the screen of a phone. As soon as we engage it, it lights up and unlocks, and we can now select an app based on what we want to do. All the apps are arranged however we arrange them, and the apps we don’t use we either delete completely, or we stick them in a folder somewhere so we rarely ever see them again. The apps that we use most often we put in a place that is easily accessible. These are our default apps. These are the apps we often go to without even thinking about it. Not only are they the most accessible apps on our screens, we’ve trained our thumbs to habitually tap them.

As we engage our phones and select an app, it opens, and we instantly have access to whatever that app was designed to do. Just like with our phones, if our heart defaults toward seeking the Kingdom, we will automatically find ourselves accessing what’s in the Kingdom. But if our hearts default to worry, that makes things available we actually don’t want in our lives, including schemes from the enemy. This in turn will either shut down our hearts or cause them to not work properly, just like a virus does if it gets into our phones.” – Seth Dahl

A Worry Free Life Is Possible!

In his new book, “Curing Worry God’s Way!”, Seth Dahl shares practical tools for deleting the app of worry in your life. Living a life of worry has become so common now, many believers have even considered it to be a normal part of their lives. Worry is one of the main elements of many Christians’ relationship with God. But should it be?

In Curing Worry God’s Way, you’ll learn:

  • Living without worry is possible!

  • Biblical antidotes to worry

  • How to encounter God in the midst of hard times

  • What to do instead of worrying

Curing Worry God’s Way is full of powerful truths that uncover the mindsets that keep many trapped in worry, while dismantling them with the truth. Full of scriptural insight, each short chapter includes activations to get you out of worry and into the fullness God has for your life!

Pre-order today and get an exclusive bundle that includes devotionals, sermons, teaching, and your book will be personally signed by Seth, along with a LIVE Q&A with Seth after you get your book – ALL for FREE! 

This exclusive bundle is only available with pre-orders! The bundle will be emailed to you right away. Books will ship on May 26th to the shipping address you provide at checkout.

International or prefer an ebook? Pre-order the PDF version here and get the same exclusive bundle.

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