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Are You Struggling To Hear God’s Voice?

Are You Struggling To Hear God’s Voice?
Are You Struggling To Hear God’s Voice?

God talks to us every day – it maybe through His word, a still small voice or other people or even through circumstances aligning in our lives. However, often times we can’t distinguish His voice. The fact that we can’t hear Him doesn’t mean that He isn’t speaking. There are a lot of reasons as to why we can’t hear Him clearly; as we struggle to put interference aside and our emotions is one of these.

In a world full of lies, distractions and discouragement, God’s voice may be hard to hear. The moment we wake up each day, technology is all too present to block us from hearing God’s voice. We may not notice it directly but admit it, it is common to all of us. We combat this struggle every day when we are so occupied by this world.

God, through His Son Jesus Christ, gives us full access to His Kingdom. Through the Holy Spirit that access has been entrusted to us, so that we now have a complete set of channels available to hear God’s voice. The Holy Spirit helps us hook up to Heaven. He allows us to tap into divine frequency and hear the voice of the Lord.

There are a lot of creative ways God uses to communicate to us, but we often miss what He is saying. The fact that we can’t hear Him doesn’t mean that He’s not speaking. Sometimes we just don’t have the right hook up. It’s sad though because revelations from Heaven are to be searched for like silver and hidden treasure. Knowing that revelations are as important as hidden treasures, we should make every effort to see the immense impact hearing accurately from Heaven will bring to our lives!

But how do we deal with the distractions? In this video, Priscilla Shirer shares valuable truths on hearing God’s voice. God is always waiting for you to listen to His voice. How will you respond?


Priscilla Shirer leads Going Beyond Ministries in Cedar Hill, Texas. She holds a degree in Biblical Studies and loves to serve the Body of Christ through the teaching of God’s Word.

This article was written by Le-Jovale Vallejo.

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