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Studying God’s Word Through Christian Bible Studies

Dive into God’s Word and discover new and exciting things about your Savior.

Studying God’s Word Through Christian Bible Studies
Studying God’s Word Through Christian Bible Studies

When a daily devotion still leaves you hungry for more, there are resources available to dig deeper into the exciting Word of God. Christian Bible studies are provided by many organizations and websites to help believers gain a better understanding of the Bible and to equip them for the ministry better. You can find several studies that are a paid service, free study guides, as well as college-level online courses. It is all about preference and how deep you want to dig.

Resources for Christian Bible Studies

You will find paid study courses through online sources. They will often offer you a study guide to follow as you make your way through all the Christian Bible studies.

    • ChristianBibleStudies – This site offers study material on the books of the Bible, spiritual growth, personal growth, and evangelism. You can use them on your own, or as part of a group.
    • Lifeway – This resource provides targeted Christian Bible studies for men, women, teens, and kids. They also have a variety within each of those headings, from topical to individual book studies. Many churches use them for curriculum taught in a Sunday School setting.

Free Christian Bible Studies

    • Biblical Training – This site offers Biblical training on a tiered program. Meaning you can dig as deep as you want. There are studies for those who just want the fundamentals, then for those who want to dig into the theological aspects of doctrine, and then there are individual studies based on topics and specific books of the Bible. The structure of these Christian Bible studies is in the form of more academic lectures. Through these studies, you can earn a certificate of learning.
    • God’s Word for You – The studies offered through this ministry cover a large selection of topical subjects. From the books of the Bible to Apologetics – which is the study of the defense of God’s Word. For those who want less structure or are just looking for information versus pursuing a certificate, this site may be more up your alley. These are simple, click-and-read articles of study. They give you the scripture, some solid Biblical information, and information on how it applies to you and the world around you.

Online Courses: Christian Bible Studies

These studies are generally offered through an organized institution. The curriculum has more structure and usually carries a tuition fee or a purchase to participate.

    • College Online Courses – These are offered through various colleges and universities. Instead of pursuing a degree, one can take individual classes or a series of classes. These carry college credit, and one can complete them online. However, these do have tuition involved with them. You can visit a college or university website for details.
    • Ministry Studies – These studies surround organizational outreach. Examples are Proverbs 31 Ministries – which targets women and their spiritual growth and Promise Keepers – which is structured for men. These can include many resources for individuals as well as offer opportunities for group study and conferences. Study guides are purchased through websites.

The Final Word

There are many levels of studying God’s Word. Again, it is all about preference. These examples are just scratching the surface. Whether you simply want a better personal understanding behind what you are reading, or you have a calling to teach others, there are Christian Bible studies for you.

A great place to begin is by speaking with the pastor of your church, or another ministerial leader. They may already have resources available that are on hand or easily accessible through the denomination for you to begin your studies.

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