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Super Bowl LV Players Who Are Faithful Christians

These NFL Players are using their platforms to share to America and the world who God is.

Super Bowl LV Players Who Are Faithful Christians
Super Bowl LV Players Who Are Faithful Christians

On Sunday, the Super Bowl LV 2021 concluded naming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the National Football League 2021 Champions. The Buccaneers played against the Kansas City Chiefs with a final score of 31-9. The victory was the Buccaneers’ second NFL Championship.

Although both teams’ players have been competitive in the field, off the field many of those players share one thing in common: their faith in God. The Chiefs and the Buccaneers have faithful Christians as their players for the biggest game in professional football.

Here are some of the Super Bowl LV players, in no particular order, who are faithful Christians.

Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has made his faith in Christ a big part of his life. In the 2021 Super Bowl, he said in an interview in Miami that “faith has always been big with me.” The 2019 NFL MVP has also said that he glorifies the Lord in everything he does.

“Obviously, I want to win every game, but I’m glorifying Him every single time I’m out there,” he revealed.

Shaquil Barrett

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ outside linebacker has helped his team secure their place in the Super Bowl multiple times. In an interview following their recent victory against the Green Bay Packers, he gave God the glory for that win.

“I just want to thank my Lord and Savior. To God be all the glory.”

Anthony Sherman

Kansas City Chief’s fullback has always been open about his Christian faith. During last year’s Super Bowl, he inspired all Christians to be Christ’s light in this world.

“That’s what we want to do as Christians is be His light,” he said. “For us to be able to do that today and for this week and for the game is great.”

Stefen Wisniewski

The offensive lineman for Kansas City has been through ups and downs during his seven years as a professional football player. However, he has kept his faith in the Lord and still continues to spread his testimony to the world.

“I spent the first five weeks of the 2019 season unemployed, on my couch watching NFL games. It was a frustrating time. But I believe God allowed all this to happen to me to test me, to bring Him glory, and to teach me how to better follow Him,” he said.

Ryan Succop

Buccaneer’s placekicker Ryan Succop began attending a Baptist church during college. Because of that, he has deepened his faith in Christ and continued to mold his relationship with Him through His Words.

“The more I spent time in God’s Word and the more I prayed, the more at peace I became in [high-pressure] situations,” he told the Baptist Courier in 2018.

NFL Players

These NFL Players are using their platforms to share to America and the world who God is. Win or lose, they kept their faith deeply rooted in Jesus Christ, a kind of spirit that inspires everyone how to live their life fully.

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