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Christian Mississippi Governor Signs Abortion Ban

BY Rhoda Gayle

Warning: What’s Next If Abortion Isn’t Banned And Continues To Advance?

BY Lesa Henderson

Save Unborn Life Offers Women $3000 To Say No To Abortion

BY Guest Contributor

The Biopic About Abby Johnson Is Called Unplanned – But God Clearly Has a Plan For Her Life

BY Al Gibson

Captured On Video: Elderly Pro-Lifer Survives Shocking Attack Outside An Abortion Clinic

BY Rhoda Gayle

New Abortion Laws Sweep Southern States

BY Karin McBride-Chenoweth

Christian Singer Matthew West Releases Music Video For New Song / Movie ‘Unplanned’

BY Rhoda Gayle

Did You See Her Fetus Bump?

BY Dr. Michael Brown

Lead Actress in Planned Parenthood Movie is Warned She Will be Blacklisted in Hollywood

BY Grace Clibourn

Evangelicals, Trump, Abortion, And The State Of The Union

BY Dr. Michael Brown

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