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Man Prays And Does This To Combat His House Flooding

BY Christel Berns

Bible App For Kids Records Highest Downloads During 2020

BY Christa Gomez

The Elijah And Elisha Shift, A Powerful Movement

BY Margaret Green

The Word Of God Has Power To Transform Nations

BY John Mathai

Annual Bible Reading Marathon To End Tomorrow In Washington, D.C

BY Christa Gomez

The History Of The Bible: What You Didn’t Know

BY Christel Berns

Archaeologists Finally Discover The Long-Debated Location Of Biblical Bethsaida

BY Christa Gomez

How Do You Teach Your Children To Value the Bible?

BY Seth & Lauren Dahl

Worried Mother Finds Sick Son Reading The Bible While Experiencing Symptoms Of Deadly Disease

BY Rhoda Gayle

Actor Jamie Foxx Impressed Fans With Knowledge Of The Books Of The Bible

BY Christa Gomez

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