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Viral Woman Caught Dancing After Job Interview: ‘Dance Anytime You Got A Blessing!’

BY Christel Berns

Christian Man Quits Job Over ‘666’ On W-2 Tax Form Gets This Instead!

BY Rhoda Gayle

Bless Israel So That The Jewish People Can Know Jesus As Their Messiah


The Strongest Attack Reveals The Areas Of Greatest Blessing

BY Betty King

Be Blessed With The Anointing of God In Isaiah 61

BY Caroline Anderson

The Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord Is Upon You

BY Caroline Anderson

Today’s Blessing: Grace And Love

BY Caroline Anderson

What Happens When You Share a Testimony

BY Henrietta Decruz

Maria Menounos Calls Her Battle With A Brain Tumor A ‘Blessing and a Gift’


The Message Behind The Song ‘Blessings’ By Laura Story.

BY Joyca Lorriene

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