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Rebecca St. James Says God Radically Called Back Into Music After Retiring 7 Years Ago

BY Rhoda Gayle

Former Co-Host Of ‘The View’ Paula Faris Shares Her Thoughts On God’s Calling

BY Christa Gomez

Your Calling: Be The One That Turns The World Upside Down

BY Madhumitha J

Purpose Is Calling You Above Water

BY Margaret Green

Are You Ready For The Harvest?

BY Brian Taylor

I’m Confused About My Calling

BY Emily Wheelock

Adoniram Judson: Moved to Action by a Soul that was Lost


How to Rework Your Master Dream List So That You Touch the Father’s Heart

BY Mark Becerra

Ring, Ring, Ring…God is Calling You! How Will You Answer?


A Call to be Childlike: The Kingdom of God Challenges Our Nature

BY Jenny Kutz

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