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Angry Protestor Aims To Disrupt Worship Event But Encounters God’s Love Instead

BY Christa

Chicago Church Pays Off $19 Million Medical Debt Of Residents In The Community

BY Rhoda Gayle

Chicago Riots Forced Christian Eatery To Close, But They Are Choosing Hope

BY Rhoda Gayle

Revival Meetings In Chicago Targeted, Says Evangelist: ‘You Can Riot…But Worshipping God Is Dangerous’

BY Christel Berns

Youth Pastor Helps Underserved Chicago Teens Build Relationship With Jesus And Have Better Life

BY Rhoda Gayle

Chicago Pastor Organizes Prayer Walks In Response To Recent Shootouts

BY Rhoda Gayle

How do you mobilize wise and powerful people for Christian leadership in an urban, multicultural and interdenominational environment without breaking the bank?


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