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3 Ways We Do Spiritual Life With Our Kids

BY Seth & Lauren Dahl

Discipline Your Children Without Spanking By Using The “No Fun Chair”

BY Seth & Lauren Dahl

Child’s Severe Disease Vanishes Without Explanation And Stuns Doctors

BY Christel Berns

What If We Protected Our Children?

BY Doris Dancy

Correction is Love in Action

BY Henrietta Decruz

This Mom Only Had $20 Left But A Miracle Check Appeared On Their Doorstep After Her Son Prayed

BY Rhoda Gayle

A Couple Lost Their Sons In a Horrible Accident Then Experienced a Miracle


Before Your Child Belonged to You, They Belonged to God

BY Marina Magdalena

7 Ways to Help A Strong Willed Child

BY Marina Magdalena

Live Your Life With New Perspective: You Are a Child of the Most High God!

BY Beth Jones

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