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Christian Teenager Brings Katy Perry To Tears During Her American Idol Audition

BY Rhoda Gayle

3 Reasons Why the Discipline Of Self-Study Needs To Return To The Church

BY Clint Davis

#ExposeChristianSchools Going Viral, Exposing Sensitive Issues

BY Jared Laskey

John Crist’s New Video “20 Church Phrases for Getting Fired” Will Get You Laughing

BY Jared Laskey

What Anne Frank Can Teach the Modern Church

BY Jared Laskey

Stray Bullet Almost Killed Texas Pastor On New Year’s Eve


Is The Church Missing The Mark?

BY Brian Taylor

What Happens When Christians Get Soft And Dull?

BY Brian Taylor

John Crist’s Hilarious New Video On Virtual Reality Church

BY Jared Laskey

Dear Lauren Daigle: Please Remember Christians Like Me Who Are Cheering You On

BY Guest Contributor

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