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“B” is for believe

BY Dr Michael Layne

Do You Want to Learn to Communicate Better? Here’s How!

BY Deborah Armin

Married Couples: 7 Ways To Create A God-Filled & Peaceful Environment.

BY Vance K Jackson

12 Biblical Ways to Properly Handle the Heart Of Your Spouse

BY Vance K Jackson

Share With Your Spouse: 6 Ways to Effectively Communicate Within Your Marriage

BY Vance K Jackson

Do You Ever Feel Like You Need a Hotline to God? You Have One With GOD TV


God Has Burning Bushes Set Up In Your Life! Are You Seeing Them? Are You Listening?

BY Jermaine Francis

Couples Therapy: Marriage Communication 101

BY Vance K Jackson

Learning Proper Communication with God Saved My Relationship

BY Faith Khosa

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