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Harvest Christian Fellowship Church In California Hosts COVID-19 Testing

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Light In The Dark! The COVID-19 War!

BY Kelmy Rodriquez

How Will You Emerge From Your Quarantine?

BY Karen Schatzline


BY Pat Schatzline

Tennessee Nurses Pray On Hospital Rooftop Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

BY Rhoda Gayle

Restaurants Gives Away Free Food To Staffers Fighting COVID-19 In Front Lines

BY Rhoda Gayle

We Are Still Praising God In The Face Of Calamity

BY Dudley Anderson

David Archuleta Sings ‘Way Maker’ And Did Not Expect This Response Amidst COVID-19 Quarantine

BY Christel Berns

Tony Evans Urges People Not To ‘Let This Virus Own You’

BY Christel Berns

UK Pastor Battling COVID-19 Shares Message Of Hope While In ICU

BY Rhoda Gayle

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