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Prayers For President Donald Trump And First Lady As They Test Positive For COVID-19

BY Christa

President Of Uganda Declares Day of Prayer After Citizen Approached Him With “Vision From God”

BY Christa

Does The Bible Speak to Mask-Wearing? Yes!

BY Ron Cantor

The Power of Prayer and Prophecy Amidst COVID19

BY Jared Laskey

Christians, Regardless Of Denomination, Answer The Pope’s Call To Pray Against COVID-19

BY Christel Berns

First Batch Of COVID-19 Vaccines Are Now Out For Human Testing

BY Rhoda Gayle

Toddler Recovered From COVID19 Bows To Nurse As Gratitude

BY Rhoda Gayle

Doctor Urges The Public To Not Be Afraid And Pray For The Eradication Of COVID19

BY Rhoda Gayle

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