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Country Singer Sara Evans Shares How God Revealed Her Purpose After Near-Death Experience

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Elijah And Elisha Shift, A Powerful Movement

BY Margaret Green

The Sweet Tea And Jesus Trailer For Empowerment


Jim Wahlberg Creates Film ‘What About The Kids’ Revealing Effects Of Opioid Addiction

BY Rhoda Gayle

Former Miss Universe and Tennis Star Couple Credit God


The Rational Mind Versus The Intuitive Mind

BY John Mathai

Game Changer! Get Off The Bench! Lose The Fanfare!

BY Kelmy Rodriquez

True Story Behind The Hymn: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus


How A Christian Leader Brought Freedom To America’s Workers: The History Of Labor Day

BY Christel Berns

Duane Chapman Stars In Upcoming Christian Film ‘Hunter’s Creed’ To Honor Late Wife

BY Rhoda Gayle

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