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Worship Singer Kari Jobe In Tears After Visiting The White House

BY Christel Berns

Blake Shelton: “I Believe In God Now More Than I Ever Have In My Life”

BY Christel Berns

Justin Bieber Encourages 122 Million Followers To Pray And Talk To God

BY Christel Berns

Daughter, God Loves You!

BY Henrietta Decruz

The Enemy Is Ready To Fight, Are You Ready To Stand Firm?

BY Emily Wheelock

Muslim Woman Challenged Jesus To Prove Himself And He Accepted

BY Christel Berns

Football Star Tua Tagovailoa Says ‘God Has A Plan’ Despite Devastating Injury

BY Christel Berns

We Are Called To Love Others; To Love Is Divine

BY Kelmy Rodriquez

Jihadist Sees God In A Dream And Confesses “I Fell In Love With Jesus”

BY Christel Berns

A Lifestyle Of Thankfulness Or A Season? Which Are You Living?

BY Irene DeArmond

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