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Taliban Willing to Work with All Nations—Except Israel

BY Ron Cantor

Bennett Govt. Slammed For Canceling Funding Of Main Route In Judea

BY The Israel Insider

Five Priestly Prayers

BY Asher Intrater

8 Things The Capitol Breach Revealed About The Nation

BY Joseph Mattera

Is It Time To Move From Democracy To Theocracy?

BY John Mathai

FaithVotes For Issues, Not For People

BY Rabbi Eric Tokajer

New President Of Malawi Is A Christian: ‘A Government That Serves, Not Rules’

BY Christel Berns

Authority: The Power of Your Words In Government

BY Brian Taylor

State Of The Nation: Government Officials Gathered To Pray During President Duterte’s Address


God Is Shaking This World

BY Ann Cuddy-Sullivan

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