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Ministering From The Heart Brings Transformation

BY John Mathai

How Do You Handle Stress?

BY Dr Michael Layne

Verse Of The Day KJV: Proverbs‬ ‭4:23

BY Vance K Jackson

Enlarge My Territory

BY Vance K Jackson

12 Biblical Ways to Properly Handle the Heart Of Your Spouse

BY Vance K Jackson

Is Your Heart Weighed Down? Here’s How to Release the Heaviness You Feel

BY Elizabeth Pitman

What I Learned About God at the Laundromat

BY Jenna Norris

Saul’s Forfeiture of Kingship: The Idolization of Power, Influence and Authority.

BY Vance K Jackson

The Enemy Attack On Marriage: Champion For Marriage Seeks Divorce


God Wants to Make Your Heart His Home: Will You Give Him the Key?

BY Daphne Delay

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