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Holy Spirit

You Only Need Supernatural Power To Attempt The Impossible

BY John Mathai

Holy Spirit Overwhelms Young Lady While Preaching On The Streets Of Brazil

BY Christel Berns

Preach With Demonstration Of The Power Of The Holy Spirit

BY John Mathai

What Does It Mean To Love Your Neighbor As Much As You Love Yourself?

BY John Mathai

Knowing When It’s Time to Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

BY Jennifer LeClaire

Mariah Carey Reveals About Her Encounter With The Holy Spirit

BY Rhoda Gayle

There is no Junior Holy Spirit: Miracles are Breaking Out Amongst Children

BY Increase

Is Resurrection Power Different From Anointing In The Holy Spirit?

BY John Mathai

In Knowing Jesus Is Resurrection Power

BY John Mathai

You Were A God Thought Before You Were Created

BY John Mathai

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