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Holy Spirit

Only Prayer Can Remove The Scales From The Eyes

BY John Mathai

Life In The Spirit Is Beautiful

BY John Mathai

The Word Of God Has Many Layers, Just Like An Onion

BY John Mathai

Pastor’s Daughter Turned Stripper Finds Salvation After The Holy Spirit Talked To Her While Dancing

BY Rhoda Gayle

A Nurtured Spirit Is Vital To Our Health And Well-Being

BY Navigator Jo

There Is No Junior Holy Spirit

BY Increase

15-Year-Old Lays Hand On His Best Friend And Holy Spirit Suddenly Fills Him!

BY Christel Berns

Supernatural Encounters: Smelling the Fragrance of God

BY Jennifer LeClaire

What Does It Mean To Die To The Flesh?

BY John Mathai

Presumption: One Surefire Way To Lose In Spiritual Warfare

BY Jennifer LeClaire

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