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Actress Patricia Heaton Tells Christians ‘The World Isn’t Our Home’ Amid Political Chaos

BY Christel Berns

Woman Surprises Officer Who Prayed With Her While Her Home Was Burning

BY Christel Berns

Family Worships At Home With Beautiful Cover Of ‘Way Maker’

BY Christel Berns

Christian Family’s Home Exploded In Northeast Oklahoma City

BY Christel Berns

God Is Looking For Hearts That Are Looking For Him

BY Corine Channell

On Life’s Busy Highway – We Are Never Abandoned

BY Jennifer Alden

Daily Devotional for Men – Pray Without Ceasing

BY Vance K Jackson

A House Full Of Love

BY Matt Brown

5 Genius DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

BY Ashley Lutz

God Wants to Make Your Heart His Home: Will You Give Him the Key?

BY Daphne Delay

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