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Doing a “Mitzvah” – A Jew Saves An Arab’s Life

BY Ron Cantor

Poland: FM Lapid’s Attack on Holocaust Reparations Law is ‘Indicative of Ignorance of the Facts’

BY The Israel Insider

Renowned Jewish Scientist Declares ‘The New Testament Is A Jewish Book’

BY Christa Gomez

Jewish Man Didn’t Understand Who Jesus Is Until He Encountered Unexplainable Peace

BY Rhoda Gayle

The “Last Jew in Afghanistan” Is Leaving

BY Ron Cantor

Iranian Jew Begged Jesus To Heal His Son, ‘I Can’t Shut Up Anymore’

BY Christel Berns

Gal Gadot To Star As The Christian Woman Who Rescued 2,500 Children From Nazis In Upcoming Film

BY Rhoda Gayle

10 Inventions by Jewish People that Changed the World


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