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It’s Not God’s Job to Make Us Happy

BY Daphne Delay

Whatever It Takes

BY Tony Cooke

Don’t Look Back! Letting Go of the Bondage of the Past

BY Vance K Jackson

Live Your Life With New Perspective: You Are a Child of the Most High God!

BY Beth Jones

What to Do When You Feel Faithless

BY Daphne Delay

Mortality Can be a Bitter Pill to Swallow: America’s Opioid Problem

BY Jim Leamon

A Miraculous Escape: 10-Year-Old Girl Pries Open The Clenched Jaws of an Alligator


I Was Drowning in Life’s Worries, But Then I Found Grace

BY Beth Jones

How This Simple Three-Letter Word Can Literally Change Everything

BY Jenna Norris

I’ve Been Asking Myself Key Questions My Whole Life…But I Finally Found the Answer to All of Them and My Life Has Changed Forever!

BY Awina D'Souza

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