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IDF Spokesman: Hamas Trying to Lure Soldiers With Mobile Phone App


Jesus’ Supernatural Response to Today’s Toxic Division and Violence

BY Jared Laskey

Religious Freedoms Aren’t Won Lying Down

BY Barnabas Fund

OPINION: Amidst Media Backlash, Here’s Why Miss USA is Right About Rights

BY Ron Johnson

“Donald Trump Has the Opportunity to Become a Modern King David…” An Exclusive Conversation with Israel’s Minister of Tourism

BY Ron Cantor

The March for Life and the Anti-Trump Women’s March: A Study in Contrasts

BY Dr. Michael Brown

Trump, Obama and the Rain


Is Faith his Trump Card?

BY Al Gibson

When Pro-Abortion Sentiments Trump Science and Common Sense

BY Dr. Michael Brown

How Will Trump’s Presidency Affect Israel?

BY Ron Cantor

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