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Arise, O Sleeper And Pray!

BY Henrietta Decruz

We Are Still Praising God In The Face Of Calamity

BY Dudley Anderson

MSNBC Host Asks Pastor T.D. Jakes To Pray: ‘I’ve Never Done This On The Air’

BY Christel Berns

Children In Africa Fervently Pray Against COVID-19; Lay Hands On World Map

BY Christel Berns

A Group Of Elderlies Worship And Pray In The Middle Of Coronavirus Outbreak

BY Christel Berns

PRAY: Ravi Zacharias To Undergo Emergency Spinal Repair Surgery

BY Christel Berns

A Call to Prayer for China and the World – Coronavirus

BY Diana Lipps

When A 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Southern Philippines This Man Did The Unbelievable

BY Christel Berns

Todd White Prays For A Satanist On A Busy Street

BY Rhoda Gayle

9/11: The Day Time Stood Still


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