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High School Football Coach Who Was Fired For His Silent Prayers Vows To Fight For His Faith

BY Rhoda Gayle

Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About His Faith And Devout Prayer Life

BY Rhoda Gayle

Let Your Faith In God Become Anchored: Stand Firm

BY Kelmy Rodriquez

Cindy Jacobs Received “Word From God”: A Call Of Prayer To End Coronavirus

BY Christel Berns

College Students Across The U.S. Unite In Prayer

BY Rhoda Gayle

Cindy Jacobs And Other Global Leaders Call For A National Day Of Prayer To End The Coronavirus


Revival Explodes Across Tennessee As Churches Unite In Prayer And Fasting

BY Christel Berns

Faith And Trust Are Finely Developed Skills

BY John Mathai

Prayer Perspective: Do You Beg God or Trust Him Fully?

BY Navigator Jo

Subway Singer Prays With American Idol Judges After Her Stunning Audition

BY Rhoda Gayle

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