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Super Bowl Commercial: The 30-Second Pro-Life Ad That FOX Rejected

BY Christel Berns

Former Miss World: “I’m Pro-Life” And “Sex Is For Marriage”

BY Christel Berns

Abortion Clinics Closing At A Rapid Pace In US

BY Christel Berns

Abortion Survivor Recounts How God’s Redemptive Power Kept Her Alive

BY Christel Berns

My Baby And My Life Were At Risk But I Chose Life

BY Stephanie McKittrick

The Value Of Life Through The Eyes Of Our Father

BY Nicole Roberts

Super Model Adriana Lima Says “Sex is for After Marriage” and Abortion is a Crime


Zou Hongyan, A Chinese Mother Refuses To Give Up Her Disabled Son, Gets Him to Harvard


Christian Mississippi Governor Signs Abortion Ban

BY Rhoda Gayle

Save Unborn Life Offers Women $3000 To Say No To Abortion

BY Guest Contributor

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