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Yom Kippur – The Two Feet of Our Spiritual Journey

BY Asher Intrater

You Won’t Find Repentance At The Foot Of The Cross

BY Rabbi Eric Tokajer

How To Prepare For The Suddenlies Of God

BY John Mathai

Discover The Eye-Opening Meaning Of The Hebrew Word ‘Repent’

BY Christa Gomez

Boredom And Excitement In The Christian Life

BY Rene Lafaut

Accountability In The Church, And Why This Matters

BY Jennifer Alden

Soil And Rocks In The Heart, Fostering The Good Not The Mean

BY Rene Lafaut

Thousands Of Churches Across The U.S. Gather For ‘Repentance Sunday’

BY Rhoda Gayle

Almost 3,000 Ugandans Receive Christ In Two Days

BY Christa Gomez

When the Devil Accuses God It Is Not The Truth

BY Jennifer LeClaire

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