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Prostitutes And Addicts ‘Ran To The Altar To Get Saved’ In Florida’s Revival

BY Christa Gomez

The Elijah And Elisha Shift, A Powerful Movement

BY Margaret Green

Nearly 1,000 Baptized On California Beach In ‘Spiritual Revival’

BY Christel Berns

True Story Behind The Hymn: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus


Is California Set for A Massive Earthquake?

BY Brian Taylor

Storm Hits Revival Tent Meeting In New Hampshire

BY Christel Berns

Do You Feel Called To Go To The Nations? GOD TV Can Help!


Revival Meetings In Chicago Targeted, Says Evangelist: ‘You Can Riot…But Worshipping God Is Dangerous’

BY Christel Berns

Pursuing Unity Doesn’t Mean Tolerating Compromise!

BY Jennifer LeClaire

San Diego Beach Revival—Thousands Gathered, Many Souls Saved And Baptized

BY Christel Berns

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