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The Perfect Gift

BY Kelmy Rodriquez

Woman Freed From Sin After Encountering Jesus

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Promises Found In The Presence Of God

BY Emily Wheelock

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Miss Kay Reveals How Phil Robertson Received Jesus

BY Rhoda Gayle

From History To Hope: Christ At The Crossroads

BY Carl Wesley Anderson

The Cross, Your Conscience, And Sharing Jesus With Others

BY John Mathai

The Jesus Revolution: It’s Back, And I Am Here For It

BY Corine Channell

Thousands Accepted Jesus At Kanye West’s Latest ‘Sunday Service’

BY Rhoda Gayle

Salvation, Blind Eye Opened, Broken Bone Instantly Healed, & Baptized In The Spirit In One Day!

BY Josh Adkins

Salvation: God Has Shown Us A Way

BY Nicole Roberts

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