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Thousands Accepted Jesus At Kanye West’s Latest ‘Sunday Service’

BY Rhoda Gayle

Salvation, Blind Eye Opened, Broken Bone Instantly Healed, & Baptized In The Spirit In One Day!

BY Josh Adkins

Salvation: God Has Shown Us A Way

BY Nicole Roberts

Is Kanye West A Sign Of Change In Hollywood?

BY Jordan Wells

Do You Know Where You’ll Spend Eternity?

BY Keith Harris

4 Strategies For Winning At Spiritual Warfare

BY Kyle Winkler

Jerusalem – The Mount of Olives

BY Karin McBride-Chenoweth

Over 100,000 People Attend Harvest Crusade’s 30th Anniversary

BY Trevor Tyson

The Power Of The Gospel Touches Many In Anaheim, California


The Deadly Soul Virus

BY Corine Channell

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