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The Hebrew Word For Sin Is ‘Khata’ Which Means ‘Missing The Mark’

BY Christa Gomez

What Does The Holy Spirit Do When We’re Sinning?

BY Rhoda Gayle

Is It Sinful To Watch Any Kind Of Entertainment?

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Horror Of The Cross & The Beauty Of Exchange

BY David Lee Martin

Radio Host Michael Brown Talks About The Aftermath Of Sin And How To Avoid Sinning

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Line Drawn In The Sand…Which Side Are You On?

BY Corine Channell

The Great Reversal: One Man’s Sin Led To Death; One Man’s Death Led To Life

BY John Mathai

Knowing When It’s Time to Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

BY Jennifer LeClaire

I Was Born In Adam, Now I Am Born Again In Jesus

BY John Mathai

You Were A God Thought Before You Were Created

BY John Mathai

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