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5 Modern Miracles That Doctors And Scientists Can’t Explain

BY Guest Contributor

Change God’s Mind? Absolutely! Here’s How and Why (Part 2)

BY Mark Becerra

Tragedy and Hope: Young Husband and Father-To-Be Leaves a Legacy of Love

BY Matt Bell

When Fear Stares You in the Face, Stare Back in FAITH

BY Elizabeth Pitman

Israeli Students in The South, Fill Pits Created by Rockets with Trees


Tears for the Lost

BY Kathy Duffy

Are you running from God’s calling?

BY Nathan Tabor

Simple Steps You Can Take to Get Your Health Back

BY Nathan Tabor

Pulse Nightclub Survivor Shares Story: I’ve Found Jesus And I’m No Longer Gay

BY Guest Contributor

WATCH: The Unbelievable Reason this Muslim Doctor Converted to Christianity

BY Guest Contributor

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