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God’s Word For You Today: If The Battle Is Too Big, It’s Not Yours, Give It To God


Losing Confidence In Insecurity

BY Aisosa Erhahon

Pastor Wes’s Heartbreaking Confession, As He Bravely Opens Up To The Public

BY Christel Berns

How To Activate Your Armor In Spiritual Warfare

BY Kyle Winkler

Where’s the Center?

BY Mark Kretschmar

Our Setbacks Are God’s Set-up For Success

BY Charlotte Ibanez

The Truths About Your Struggles The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know

BY Kyle Winkler

How To Get Beyond Regrets And Struggles To Love Yourself As God Does

BY Kyle Winkler

What If The Things You’re Going Through Are Pieces Of A Puzzle That Will Complete You?


The Age Old Inside-Out War Of Good And Evil

BY Corine Channell

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