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Matthew West Encourages Christians To Expose The ‘Broken Chapters’ Of Their Lives

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Importance Of Being Encouraged!

BY Alexxa Lowery

Teen Bravely Shares Suicide, Porn, And Sinful Life Testimony

BY Christel Berns

Former Rebel And Defiant To Government Now Disciples People To Follow Christ

BY Christa Gomez

Woman Bedridden For 9 Years Gets To Dance Again After Receiving God’s Miracle

BY Christa Gomez

Drug Addict Becomes A Christian Singer

BY Christel Berns

Increase Testimonies: Celebrating God’s Goodness So That He Does It Again


True Story Behind The Hymn: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus


Successful Billionaire Shares He Turned Away From His Sinful Lifestyle To Follow Jesus

BY Rhoda Gayle

God Is Good: Manifestations Of His Goodness To Me

BY John Mathai

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