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From The Last Supper, To The Garden. From The Cross To A Heavenly Throne

BY Justin Daniel

Does the Apostle Paul contradict himself?

BY Ron Cantor

The Untold Reason Why Jewish People Don’t Believe Jesus is the Messiah!

BY Guest Contributor

‘Israel Apartheid – We don’t buy it’

BY Al Gibson

Do You Know These 14 Hebrew Names of God?


Anointing vs Relationship

BY Sherry Nickerson

“Donald Trump Has the Opportunity to Become a Modern King David…” An Exclusive Conversation with Israel’s Minister of Tourism

BY Ron Cantor

How Will Trump’s Presidency Affect Israel?

BY Ron Cantor

Paris Conference Nosedives!

BY Ron Cantor

Why is it important for Christians to bless Israel?

BY Ron Cantor

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