Take The DirecTV Challenge This Summer, US Viewers! | God TV

Take The DirecTV Challenge This Summer, US Viewers!

WARNING: Binge-watching positive, uplifting content may make you happier

Take The DirecTV Challenge This Summer, US Viewers!
Take The DirecTV Challenge This Summer, US Viewers!

It has been a long day. Either work or school is driving you crazy, and you need a break. You arrive home and kick off your shoes, get into something comfortable, and eat whatever leftovers you can find. Yeah, it’s been one of those days. Now, you just want to get lost in TV land for the next few hours before you have to go to bed and start all over again. The only question is, what do you watch? This is where I want to extend to you the GOD TV DirecTV Challenge.

The God TV DirecTV Challenge

We all have our favorite shows. Whether they exist on cable television, a satellite provider like DirecTV or you stream your programming online, you have a source to veg out before lights out. It has been my experience that the toughest part is selecting a program to watch. If you have a spouse or kids, that selection may be made for you. But, think for a moment. What are you filling your eyes with regarding your choice for tonight? Is there violence, vulgarity, or possible adult situations? Is the show uplifting, or does it glorify God?

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

You don’t have to give up your evening staples, but you must consider what you feed your mind. This is where the GOD TV DirecTV Challenge begins. It is a challenge to equal the amount of binge-watching with the amount of positive and encouraging content through sources like the GOD TV DirecTV channel. This is one of the USA’s largest satellite platforms and GOD TV has been on it since 2006.

Remember what Matthew 6:22-23 teaches us about our eyes being the lamp to our body. What our eyes see, our mind thinks upon, and those things will be reflected in our actions.


Pairing God TV with DirecTV – What does it offer?

GOD TV has content for satellite television, the web as well as your mobile device. All have an amazing selection of Philippians 4:8 content:

  • Live TV – 24/7 programming with positive messages that give people hope. This is something much needed in a world filled with despair and discouragement. This is the content that is featured on the GOD TV DirecTV channel in the USA as well as on other satellite platforms elsewhere in the world.
  • On-Demand Contentgod.tv has a vast library of topics that are relevant to today. Topics like family life, finances, relationships, history, and personal testimony. They are delivered in mini-message format from ministers like Creflo Dollar, Robert Morris, Charles Stanley, and Joyce Meyer.
  • News Stories – For the news junkies, we have the content you will not see on national television. We tackle what is happening in the world and add a Biblical Perspective. Asking the question, “What does God say about…” These can be accessed through news programming on air or via godtv.com
  • Blogs and Vlogs – If reading is more of your cup of tea, you are not left out. On godtv.com you can view our pages devoted to blog content. There you can find real-life stories about men and women who overcome adversities through their relationship with Christ. You will also find some familiar names among the mix. Celebrities and prominent figures all with a story.
  • Worship and Prayer – We also have a live channel dedicated to worship. It is called the Prayer Room. It is a 24/7 channel that delivers uplifting words through song. After a trying day, it is good to be able to unwind and mellow out. If you have prayer needs, we also have a prayer request line, you can call or email us, and we will join in agreement over your request.

GOD TV DirecTV Challenge

How to Get GOD TV

We are available throughout the USA on the DirecTV digital satellite platform. If you haven’t yet subscribed, consider doing so today and getting GOD TV on your television set. We are on the most affordable package of service with an HD receiver. Find us on channel 365 on their basic Select Package. Click for our GOD TV schedule on DirectTV.

When you find yourself drained at the end of each day, burdened by an event that occurred, or just getting lost in the shuffle of what to watch, the GOD TV DirecTV Challenge is for you. You can help loosen the load you carry home from work or school through a Christ-centered forum. GOD TV has something for everyone. Remember we are available on DirecTV channel 365.

The GOD TV Challenge

When you begin your GOD TV DirecTV Challenge, please leave your comments below. We’d love to hear what Philippians 4:8 content is doing in your life. As you move into focusing on the good, rather than the negativity that surrounds us, you will discover your relationship with Christ gaining strength. You will also find yourself excited about getting home to watch your favorite GOD TV programming.

Written by Jeff Bray

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