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Take The Quiz: Christian Music Lyrics

Take this short quiz to see how well you know some of the most popular Christian songs!

Take The Quiz: Christian Music Lyrics
Take The Quiz: Christian Music Lyrics

Do you enjoy Christian music? Do you think you can identify some of the most popular songs? Take this short quiz and find out how well you know some of the top Christian songs!

Christian Music

Christian music reaches a realm beyond that of non-christian music. It speaks to our souls and if done correctly it moves us to think and act in certain ways. Rap music makes you feel untouchable. Country music brings you back to your childhood and makes you want to drive a truck through the mud. You may even have a sudden southern drawl you didn’t have before. Pop music makes you feel fun and bubbly. Christian music brings you to your knees as you worship God. Because music can cause us to act and feel a certain way, introducing others to Christian music may make them want to know more about God.

Music and the Bible

One may hear ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and wonder why Bart is so excited for Heaven. Or they may hear ‘See a Victory’ and want to know what that means thus opening up a conversation about Jesus and the Bible. Jeremy Camp has a song that describes a ‘dead man walking’ who was brought back to life after accepting Jesus. They also describe the perfect love of a God who created the whole universe.

These days, many Christian artists use music to tell stories from the Bible. Songs have been written about creation like So Will I by Hillsong and David and Goliath in the song Confidence bySanctus Real. Other songs convey the birth of Christ, the Last Supper, and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

All these songs have been written to share the stories of the Bible and bring glory to God. Music is so powerful! It gives faith and hope when we don’t understand what God is telling us through His word!

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