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Taking the High Road – Making Sense of Divorce

"...staying in the Word of God, and getting good Godly counsel"

Taking the High Road – Making Sense of Divorce
Taking the High Road – Making Sense of Divorce

In life, we’re faced with many challenges, and there’s almost nothing worse than the loss of a loved one. Whether it’s by death or divorce, the lasting effects can be overwhelming. Heartache and grief will follow us, if we don’t learn to manage it. And when it comes to divorce, the pain can almost seem endless.

Making a decision to leave your spouse can be a life-changing event, with or without children. I’ve found that when decisions are made based on my own happiness, it’s likely I’m doing something more out of my own selfishness than what’s best for the parties involved.

If you’re not surrounding yourself with the right people, while making these life-choices, staying in the Word of God, and getting good godly counsel for it, you could find yourself in a bigger mess than you thought you were in to begin with.

Where do I go from here, Lord?

When my husband left almost two-years ago, I thought life for me was over. I couldn’t understand, why in the middle of all my medical issues, child custody issues with a former spouse, financial issues due to a move, and waiting out the construction process of our new home, how could this man abandon me?

John Bevere shares, “God doesn’t want our marriages to end in pain or shame. He doesn’t want us to quit before they’re complete. Whether your marriage is just getting started or has been struggling for many years, it’s never too late to embrace God’s plan.”

After all the sleepless nights and prayers galore, the light-bulb of my reality finally turned on, and I was able to process this pain as if it was full-steam ahead. I’ve learned through my relationship with the Lord, what it is that I can do in honoring the Father through this difficult time. Rather than fall into the world with bitterness and/or regret, I chose to take the road less traveled on, and choosing to lead a godly life comes with many convictions.

My choice was to stay in prayer, walking this out, trusting the Lord to guide me. Good, bad, or indifferent, God will use it all, when I choose to give it to Him.

Where I thought there was no hope, God did provide a way for me…

In making the life choices that I knew were best for me, it meant giving up my life all over again. Where it appeared our marital vows were falling apart, I renewed my vows to Him. I stayed fierce in my convictions. I focused on the purpose He called for me to fulfill. I lost myself in His eternal grace and heavenly love, crying out, “Abba, Father!” 

The pain was real, and at times almost unbearable; but, I knew that no matter what the other party was choosing to do with his life, my life’s course will not change. When all seemed lost around me, I knew that His promises were true.

I know that in the midst of this heartache and grief, God will honor our choosing Him.

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