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Tapping Into Your Resources In Heaven

We liv eon earth, but we are not OF the earth.

Tapping Into Your Resources In Heaven
Tapping Into Your Resources In Heaven

Most of us operate as if our resources are finite on earth. Which is actually true because the earth is limited by space and time. However, as born-again believers, we are of another Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven. We are only traveling through life on earth until we join our Father in Heaven. We know that we are citizens of Heaven, but we do not operate as if this is true. So why is there this gap in belief and behavior? It is because we have been deceived through wrong teaching that has told us we are limited. We allow the world’s limited resources to limit us. But God wants us to be heavenly minded. In Heaven, His resources are unlimited, but how does it look when tapping into His resources in Heaven?

Faith & Tapping Into Our Resources In Heaven

We should operate by faith in all areas of our life, in particular when it comes to material resources. Since we came to God by faith, we believed His word and were saved. We prosper through receiving by faith His word for healing, and restoration, and abundance. Now we have to apply faith for the provision of our material resources. There is an abundance of treasure to be tapped into in Heaven. We sow down here into His Kingdom and reap from His riches in Heaven. See, on earth, we tend to hold onto things. But in Heaven, we give and sow to reap a harvest. And the more we sow the more we reap. However, we do not sow to selfishly reap, no, love gives. We sow because this is how it works in Heaven thus God gave His Son and He is reaping a harvest of souls.

Personal Experience

I have experienced that this works in my life. I marvel at the way God has led me all through these years and kept me in abundance because of applying this principle. And I learned the more we give the more will be the provision. God is no debtor. Will we trust Him to provide or will we hold on to what we have? It is time to step out in faith today and be rewarded.

John Mathai

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