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Teenage Brothers Baptized With Holy Ghost Fire

Teenage Brothers Baptized With Holy Ghost Fire
Teenage Brothers Baptized With Holy Ghost Fire

Two teenage brothers from Virginia decided to fully surrender their lives to Jesus; both got baptized and were filled with the Holy Spirit!

On June 10, Colton Kelley shared a video of his two brothers Cason and Lincoln getting baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. Cason is 14 years old and Lincoln is 12 years old.

When asked why they wanted to get baptized, Lincoln replied, “Because I love Him so much and He’s done so much in my life. And there’s nothing greater than God.”

While Cason, the other brother, said, “Because He’s done so much for me and I just want to give my life to Him.”

Two Brothers Baptized In Water And Holy Spirit

Colton, the two teenage boys’ big brother, taught them how to hear the voice of God and what it means to follow Jesus. And while they were praying, the 12-year-old testified that he saw two angels beside them in the spiritual realm!

Then they went on to do the baptism in the bathroom inside their own home in Virginia. After filling the bathtub with water, Colton prayed before baptizing his two younger brothers.

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With the presence and the blessing of their parents, Cason and Lincoln got baptized!

Lincoln went into the water first and was baptized in Jesus’ Name declaring a new life in Him. After which Colton then prayed again for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And indeed, Lincoln was filled with the Holy Spirit and fire! He was brought to tears as he was filled with God’s Presence.

“We love You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus,” their mother said after Lincoln’s baptism.

The same thing happened to Cason, the 14-year-old brother. He was filled with the Holy Ghost too and was brought to tears.

What an amazing encounter with the LORD! Indeed, the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these (Luke 18:16).

Reference: SeekingWisdom Ministries

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