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Teenage Girl Leads Powerful Worship At Bethel Church

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Teenage Girl Leads Powerful Worship At Bethel Church
Teenage Girl Leads Powerful Worship At Bethel Church

Worship is what sets the church’s atmosphere before God’s word is delivered. Because it is in worship that God and man are reconciled. It’s the moment where our hearts are set to be one with God in Spirit and in Truth before doing anything else. And recently, a teenage girl is led a powerful worship service.

Artists like Chris Tomlin, Jenn & Brian Johnson, Kari Jobe and Kim Walker are just few of the well-known anointed worship leaders. Throughout the years, we’ve seen them on stage leading thousands in worship. But you don’t have to been a famous worship leader or a seasoned singer to be anointed.

Justin Bieber’s First Time Leading Worship Goes Viral!

Bethel Music is known worldwide for their intimate worship songs for God. And today, they surprised us once again by raising up young worship leaders for the next generation.

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Introducing One Of The Youngest Worship Leaders

A few weeks ago, 16 year old Josie Buchanan led a powerful worship at Bethel Church. It was a beautiful moment to behold. She is evidence of God’s hands mightily moving in the younger generation.

Josie is not just a worship leader. She’s also an actress, a musician, and a songwriter. She was once part of Bethel Kids until God developed her heart and talent to become who she is today. Josie is leading not only the youth towards God, but also the whole congregation. She is one of the youngest worship leaders in Bethel Church.

Even at Josie’s young age it can’t be refuted that she is really living her life for God.

Leading Worship

During her worship set during the Bethel Church service, she sang “Be Enthroned”. You could feel the Holy Spirit moving and touching hearts. 

Seeing a teenager like Josie sincerely worshiping God truly brings so much hope and inspiration.

Witness this powerful moment of worship with Josie and Sean Feucht in the video below.

Source: Bethel Music

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