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Many Teenagers Turn To God During Global Pandemic

Such good news for the next generation!

Many Teenagers Turn To God During Global Pandemic
Many Teenagers Turn To God During Global Pandemic

Despite the disorder coronavirus pandemic caused the world this year, God is still good and working all things together for good as teenagers found God amidst the adversity.

Teenagers Turning To God

According to Kaya Burgess’s report from The Times, a poll suggests that “the trend for younger people being less religious is changing.” It says that Generation Z is more likely to believe in God in their late teens and early twenties than Millennials.

Moreover, the report says that access to information could have contributed to building and bolstering teens’ faith. It is because they can easily access about faith and find like-minded people online. Furthermore, “experts said they faced less “stigma” from their peers for being open about their religious beliefs,” which could have led them to think more about faith during the pandemic.

Opportunity To Nurture Faith And Spirituality

In a message shared by Francis Chan in September, he urged Christian parents to take advantage of the pandemic to nurture their children’s faith and spirituality.

He explained, “I think about parents. I hear in a lot of churches they’ve got to meet together again because of our kids. And I’m going, ‘Man, God should wake you up right there. Parents are supposed to be teaching their kids.”

The pastor also stressed how dads should step up and believe the Spirit of the living God to lead the family, especially the children.

For Pastor Francis, the global pandemic is the perfect opportunity to grow, reflect, and prepare for future challenges.

He said, “This is a time where we realized we were not ready for this. So if we get another little break, let’s do everything we can to equip and prepare people for times like this. Because I really don’t believe this is the end of it.”

Teenagers turning to God amidst the pandemic reminds us that although the enemy intended to kill and destroy lives this year, God turned it for good.

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” -Genesis 50:20

Reference: The Times

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