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Teens Lost At Sea For 2 Hours Prayed, Then God Sends A Boat Named ‘AMEN’

Teens Lost At Sea For 2 Hours Prayed, Then God Sends A Boat Named ‘AMEN’
Teens Lost At Sea For 2 Hours Prayed, Then God Sends A Boat Named ‘AMEN’

Two teens from Florida who were lost at sea after swimming off the shore desperately prayed for rescue, and after almost two hours, God miraculously sent a big yacht called “Amen.”

Tyler Smith and Heather Brown were enjoying their senior skip day with their classmates from Christ Church Academy when an unfortunate incident happened.

Lost At Sea For Almost 2 Hours

Both being good swimmers, the two athletes decided to swim across the St. Augustine inlet from Vilano Point Anastasia island 500 yards away. However, it was a lot further than they thought. As they continued to swim, they found themselves further and further away from shore. The shore was out of sight and all they could see was the vast ocean. Both decided to stop swimming and used the strength they had left to stay afloat hoping they could survive.

God rescues teens

From that point, Tyler and Heather’s goal was to hold out until rescue comes. Both friends prayed desperately for a miracle.

Praying For Miracle

Eventually, after an hour and a half, their friends noticed they were missing. Somebody called 911 and Heather’s mother was notified. She got the call when she was at church. Then the church started to pray for the missing teenagers.

While on the rough seas, and now tired, Heather and Tyler struggled to keep afloat.

“I was like screaming, ‘God, please help’,” over and over again,” Heather recalled.

While Tyler said, “God, please just save us. Can You please just send something for us.”

God Sends A Big Yacht “AMEN”

The young man thought it was going to be the last day of his life. Exhausted and losing hope, they suddenly heard a boat engine over the waves.

God sends a miracle

Eric Wagner, the boat owner didn’t come for them. Along with his three-man crew, they made a last-minute decision to run the yacht in the open ocean even though the wind was strong.

The two teenagers found hope and screamed louder for help.

Miraculously, the boat heard and saw them. By the time they pulled Heather and Tyler out of the water, they saw the name of the boat “The Amen.”

When Heather was aboard, the first thing she said was “God is real.” Since then, both were strengthened in their faith and their relationship with God grew deeper.

Reference: 700 Club Interactive

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