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Terry Crews Supports Shutting Down Pornhub

Terry Crews Supports Shutting Down Pornhub
Terry Crews Supports Shutting Down Pornhub

 “America’s Got Talent” host, Terry Crews calls to defund the world’s largest pornography website, Pornhub.

Terry Crews

The Christian American actor, tweeted with an all-caps, “DEFUND PORNHUB” while tagging the anti-pornography group, Fight the New Drug.

He seems to promote the ongoing petition of shutting down Pornhub because of its enabling and profiting from videos of rape and child sex trafficking. Laila Mickelwait, director of abolition for Exodus Cry, initiated the appeal. It has accumulated 1.5 million signatures and counting.

Shut down Pornhub

Mickelwait told Faithwire that she’s “heard from multiple pornographic actors and producers pulling content from Pornhub; because the outlet is profiting from the rape and trafficking of women and children. “ She added that it’s far from a safe platform.

One of the known former porn actresses in the industry, Jenna Jameson, backed up Crew’s statement. She also invited her 760k followers in Twitter to take a stand against “the evil monsters at MindGeek (their parent company).”

Exodus Cry is an organization that advocates the end of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. They started the call to terminate the company behind Pornhub when authorities found nearly 60 explicit videos of a missing teenager on the website.

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Another case that can hold against Pornhub involved 22 women who Michael Pratt coerced and deceived to do sexual acts for videos. The recordings are then uploaded to the site. According to the prosecutors, the wanted fugitive, Pratt, produced child pornography and sexually trafficked a minor. Many of his productions are still accessible in the smut site up to this day.

“If you go on Pornhub, they’re not just profiting off of the exploitation, the rape and trafficking of women and children,” Mickelwait said. “They’re also profiting off of extreme racism — and I mean extreme.”

She stressed many examples of videos “eroticizing” the brutalization of people of color.

Take a stand

Mickelwait shared that the reason why the petition has gone to an influential actor like Crews is because people have finally realized what trafficking and exploitation is.

“So I think what’s happening is the message is getting out far enough that it’s reaching all these people of influence. And once they hear about it, they’re really compelled to use their platforms to tell others,” Mickelwait explained. “I think that’s what’s taking place. And hopefully, as time goes on, we’re gonna reach more and more influencers and average citizens. Because it’s really both of these groups of people together that are gonna make a difference.”

Reference: Faith Wire

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