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Testimony Changes Everything

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Testimony Changes Everything
Testimony Changes Everything

Revelation 19:10 says, “For the testimony (witness) of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Doctrine and power come together and impact those who don’t know Jesus when we share testimonies. It also increases faith for other believers.

Financial Testimony

Several years back, my husband and I found ourselves newly married, freshly out of college, financially broke, and experiencing the loss of a job at no fault of our own. We wondered where our next meal would come from and how we would pay our expenses. I laid awake many nights during that year, watching the clock for the stroke of midnight for my paycheck to deposit in my bank account. No deposit would mean no bills paid by the deadline. Those were frightening times.

My husband and I didn’t know where to turn in an earthly sense, but we knew God recognized our needs. We prayed for His protection and provision. We asked Him to cover our bills because we didn’t know how to do it on our own. Not only did we have regularly monthly expenses, but we had debt from our honeymoon. If God didn’t come through, we knew we’d find ourselves financially devastated.

Our situation looked dark, but that’s often the way things seem before God steps into our situations. Casseroles appeared at the front door in the arms of church acquaintances who had heard our family’s name when they prayed. It was amazing to hear them say, “I was praying about who to cook a meal for and your family came to mind, although I don’t know why. But if God put you in my head, you must need a casserole!”

Over the months that followed, checks appeared in the mailbox down to the dollar that covered food and basic living costs. We never went hungry. Most of the people who helped provide food and financial resources had no idea how dire our situation actually was. We didn’t tell anyone how much we struggled. I think we were just ashamed and afraid, but the God of mercy provided everything we needed even through our pride and pain.

Will You Share Your Story?

I like to tell this story to anyone who is going through financial difficulties because it’s hard to explain how we got through that nightmarish season of life unscathed. Only God, the Provider (Philippians 4:19), could use people who didn’t know our family or our needs to help us. His hand is undeniable, and it still makes me fall to my knees in thanks when I think about His goodness during those formative days.

I firmly believe sharing testimonies have a deeper, longer-lasting impact than pushing religion. They demonstrate that an encounter with the God of the Bible has the power to transform a life or a situation in real ways. I hope my story of hope will compel you to tell a testimony of God’s grace and goodness in your life.

To quote the popular leader Blake Schellenberg, “He who has the most hope, has the most influence.” Share your testimony, the witness of Jesus, and change a life.

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