Celebrating the Life of a Global Leader, Billy Graham | God TV

Celebrating the Life of a Global Leader, Billy Graham

GOD TV recognises the huge contribution Rev Graham made to Christian media and the call of every believer to reach the world

Thank You Billy Graham For Your Outstanding Example as Global Leader and Faultless Televangelist

Celebrating the Life of a Global Leader

Billy Graham is one of the great figures of modern society, not just in Christian circles but the world over. He was a man of immense integrity who we could all look up to. He was passionate about God and never faltered in his life mission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many reading this will remember the day when they gave their lives to Jesus at one of his mass crusades, in Los Angeles, London or elsewhere. We thank God for his life and all he accomplished for the Kingdom. Our hearts go out to the Graham Family as they bury their beloved patriarch and we stand with all our co-workers in Christ at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Billy Graham Library, in preserving Rev Graham’s legacy.

We at GOD TV thank God for the life of Billy Graham and all he accomplished for God’s Kingdom. We are sad at his passing but rejoice in his immense legacy. The above video from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) captures some of the key moments of Rev Graham’s ministry that spanned over 60 years reaching millions of people with the Gospel message.

As the video says, “It’s not often one man is able to move the hearts of nations or usher change across race and age, but when someone gives their life to a divine calling amazing things happen. That is the legacy of Billy Graham.”

Honouring a Faultless Televangelist

From a media perspective, we are grateful for Dr. Graham’s outstanding example as a global Christian leader and as a faultless televangelist. It was people of the calibre of Billy Graham that paved the way for the use of television as a powerful extension of their Gospel outreach and we can still learn much from them today. It is our heart’s cry as a Christian media organisation that when each of us gets to Heaven, we, like Rev Graham, will hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Thank you, Billy Graham and the BGEA for your pioneering work in Christian media. We humbly aspire to follow your outstanding example and finish strong. GOD TV and our partners will continue to trust God to use us to move the hearts of nations and usher change across race and age. Most of all we will continue to challenge our viewers and ourselves to give up our lives to our divine call to take the Gospel further and we know we will continue to see amazing things. We pray that God would give us more divine encounters in our personal lives and use the Christian media in all its forms to touch an unreached generation.

Not only do we want to see more mass crusades like this one in Seoul, South Korea where Dr. Graham preached to more than 3 million people at one time in his largest crusade ever. But we want to see millions more reached via the airwaves.

The Mission to Win Souls Continues

We have had the privilege of airing much programming from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on GOD TV, including the Billy Graham Classic Crusades. These can be watched on GOD TV on Thursdays at 8.30 pm and Saturdays at 3 pm. Furthermore, thanks to the BGEA, salvation lines are open during these broadcasts as Rev Graham’s call for people to surrender their lives to Christ continues to go out across the airwaves even after he has gone.

See the BGEA article about GOD TV’s broadcasts of Billy Graham Classic Crusades. It is entitled, Billy Graham TV Classics Invite People to Call on God. You can also watch messages from Dr. Graham on demand on our Youtube Channel including ‘Why I am an Optimist’ recorded in Houston, Texas.

Also often featured on GOD TV are Rev Graham’s son, Franklin, and daughter, Anne Graham Lotz. Franklin Graham leads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as the humanitarian charity, Samaritan’s Purse. He has hosted Billy Graham, Always Good News on GOD TV and has been featured in many different BGEA films. Anne is the founder of AnGel Ministries and is dearly loved by the GOD TV family for her ‘Just Give Me Jesus’ broadcasts and her messages at various events including the US National Day of Prayer.

We Will Follow in Rev Graham’s Footsteps

To commemorate the life of one of the greatest evangelists that ever lived, visit the Billy Graham Memorial Site and be inspired. May his legacy challenge you to reach out to the people in your circle of influence. Remember, Rev Graham started off as a farmhand on his parents’ farm so don’t despise the day of small beginnings! Trust God to take you further. Billy Graham will be buried in a simple wooden coffin and he asked that his gravestone bear only the words, ‘Preacher of the Gospel’ yet he will be remembered forever. He was faithful until the end, humbly giving God all the glory, and that is an example we can all follow.

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