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The 5th Gospel?

Take a look at your life...what would be written about you?

The 5th Gospel?
The 5th Gospel?

No… There isn’t a fifth Gospel. But, if there was one – would you want your life story to be in it? Would you be pleased with what the Lord would write about you? Would it speak to the masses of how great you follow God? Would it show how you give in your life in all things? Maybe not? Probably not. That’s because you’re more than likely, like the rest of us. We come with mistakes. We come with great tragedy. Even complete failures exist in the pages of our lives. Isn’t that what we see when we read the scriptures? We don’t see how all of the followers of Christ, had it all together. We see quite the opposite.

God wants you

In Exodus chapter 2, we see people like Moses. A man who fled to the back side of a desert to escape punishment for taking the life of another man.Yet, we also see God follow him there (chapter 3), and watch over him until the time came to use him as a great minister to deliver His people.  He set them free from the bondage of slavery. Don’t you think God can use you as well, to deliver some, in your life. I’m certain there are people in your circle of life that no one else can reach.

You could be king

The Bible speaks in 2nd Samuel 11, of King David. An adulterer, and one who used his power to take what didn’t belong to him – another man’s wife. He then had her husband killed, in the heat of battle. Yet we see him rise up from that, to be truly what God saw in him from the beginning. A man after God’s own heart. He  would go on to rule in Israel for nearly 40 years. He would be revered as one of the greatest kings, if not the greatest king, to ever take the throne. You never know what God has planned for you. You may not see it today, but you could be the next Billy Graham, or a great pastor of the next mega church. Most of them never dreamed they’d be there. But God knew.

Don’t give up – your mistakes can teach others

Finally, we have Peter. This man did one of the greatest wrong doings in Biblical history. He turned away from the Lord (see Matthew 26). He denied that he even knew him. He ran away in shame to hide himself. But, God poured out his Spirit upon him and suddenly a great man of God rose from the ranks to lead close to 3000 to Christ in his first sermon. Nearly 5000, just a few days later. If you could ask Peter if he ever thought that would happen after turning away that day he left – what would his response be? I’m sure he’d say, “No way.” Yet, God knew all the time. He had a plan for his life, and we see his story in the gospels nearly 2000 years later.

Trust God with your life (He’s good at this)

So, what would God put in the fifth gospel about you? Would He say you did a lot of things wrong? Would he say you didn’t stand for Him in the face of opposition? Would He say you completely denied Him at all times? Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we could all have those statements placed upon us. But, I have seen God use me for good in places I never dreamed. I never thought, coming from a small town, that I would ever do large revivals and see the altars and the aisles packed with people. I would never have thought that he would use me to establish churches. Or go into prisons and walk beside people who were stone-cold killers, using me to lead them to Christ. It was never my abilities that did any of this. It was only my availability. I found if I would avail myself to him, then He could put His ability to work through me. Simple obedience can lead people into an eternal relationship with the almighty Creator Himself.

If I was written in the fifth Gospel…would there be failures? Absolutely! Places of brokenness for my mistakes? Of course. But, there would be lessons learned, and mostly I would see He could really use anyone…just in simple obedience. Trust me, friends. He could do these things and more with you. Just simply trust him with your whole being.

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