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The Abortion Pill – A New Form Of Birth Control As Women Get To Abort At Home

The Abortion Pill – A New Form Of Birth Control As Women Get To Abort At Home
The Abortion Pill – A New Form Of Birth Control As Women Get To Abort At Home

New ‘Treatment Option’

In continuing developments regarding abortion, it would appear that the medical and ethical dilemma regarding abortion in England and the rest of the UK is over. Doctors will perhaps no longer need to perform any abortions. A new ‘treatment option’ for early pregnancy terminations will now allow women to take the second abortion pill at home. Therefore, in essence ,abortion is now considered a form of birth control. LINK

This move comes after Scotland became the first to pass the rule in late 2017 with Wales following suit in June 2018. The new rule will enable women to ‘self-regulate’ abortion from home – like taking a headache pill. The only part of the UK not aligning with this view is Northern Ireland, but that may change.

With over 100,000 women having abortions in the UK annually, the Chief Executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Ann Furedi declared that the decision, “represents an outbreak of common sense.”

I challenge Ms Furedi’s words. While society triumphantly heralds the end of one life for the ‘furtherance’ of another, it would appear that motherhood has somehow become a weakness in our world. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

God Empowered Women

God empowered women in a special way. He granted her the ability to bring forth life into the world. It is true to say, it is the greatest challenge and faith-building moment in any woman’s life. God saw to that. As women and mothers, we have a responsibility to the unborn – they are our future. Their right to life and future ought to be protected at all costs. So why does the world try to teach us something different?

The world teaches us that somehow having the ability to give life is sometimes a mistake or an error of judgement. We all have choices to make in life, but pregnancy brings with it a unique choice or at least it should. As a mother-to-be, you have to make all your decisions from that moment on, not only in regard to the betterment of yourself but to the betterment of your unborn child. In fact, motherhood requires that you put your children first – period. Man is the only species that deliberately aborts its offspring, some would have you believe that other animals abort, however, there is a difference between abortion and miscarriage.

UK: Women can Abort from the 'Comfort' of their Homes!

Where are the fathers?

Sadly, I believe as I read all the various reports, it appears to me that the empowerment of women is long over. Instead of women becoming stronger within their communities and society at large, women have become more vulnerable in society. Deceptively promoted through the vehicle called women’s rights. It would appear that women’s natural abilities are considered a curse rather than a blessing in this career-driven, competitive age.

UK: Women can Abort from the 'Comfort' of their Homes!

In the midst of it all, we have to ask  – where are the fathers of these unborn children? Should they not be supporting their wife or partner and taking responsibility for the new life about to impact their lives? Parenthood should be a much anticipated and fulfilling experience for everyone. Something to work for, look forward to not to dread. It is your future after all. It is the sanctity of life itself.

Hope is with the Church?

UK: Women can Abort from the 'Comfort' of their Homes!

So, can the muted church rise to the occasion and help to rescue mankind from this dire affliction? I sincerely hope so, otherwise, Jesus went to the Cross for nothing. Yes, I believe it’s that serious.

We are ALL accountable for this silent genocide. We will all have to STAND before JESUS someday and tell Him.  I truly believe that standing behind Him will be all the souls of all the unborn who were denied their chance.

“The Lord said, ‘What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground’.’ (Genesis 4:10)


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