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The Best College for Me: Central Christian College

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The Best College for Me: Central Christian College
The Best College for Me: Central Christian College

When one thinks of Kansas, many immediately think of Dorothy flying through the sky in a house on her way to the Land of Oz. Few think about the advancement of their education. But in addition to the notoriety of the state for house flinging twisters, Central Christian College finds its way onto the map through a Christian educational learning campus.

About Central Christian College

    • Location – This Central Kansas college is in the city of McPherson. It is just North of Wichita; one of the rapidly growing areas of Texas and a popular tourist destination.
    • Accreditation – Central Christian College is fully accredited through the National Central Association. They offer students four-year bachelor’s degrees.
    • Denomination Affiliation – The college maintains an affiliation with the Free Methodist Church of North America, but its doors are open to all faiths and denominations.

Campus Life

While Central Christian College is a fairly small school, it has much to offer its attendees. Campus life is one of the major points in the decision-making process. If you are looking for a large institution, then this college campus may not provide what you are seeking. But if you want a smaller class size and a close-knit community, then this college may be the right choice for you.

    • Living Accommodations – Students are encouraged, but not required to live on campus. The campus has four residence halls; one for Freshmen men and one for Freshmen women. And two for Sophomore through Senior men and women. They also have a housing option called for married couples.
    • Population – The small college is the home to about 700 students. They have a student to faculty ratio of 16:1. With a smaller size, they are a bit stricter regarding applications; they have a 39% admission rate.
    • Student Life – The school offers many on-campus clubs and organizations, including Honor Society, Business, Science, and Student Government.
    • Spiritual Life – Having a strong belief that Christ should be at the center of the educational process, Central Christian College builds into the spiritual life of each of its students. Weekly chapel services are held, the campus offers discipleship programs, and there are many other platforms for students to include Christ in their studies. Evening worship services, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and regular short-term missions’ trips are all extra-curricular activities for students to take advantage of.

Popular Majors at Central Christian College

The small college offers over 70 degree programs. Each provides a path to an undergraduate degree.

    • Undergraduate – They offer many major programs for students. Their most popular degrees are in Education, Business, and Exercise Science.
    • Online Programs – Central Christian College offers an extensive Online Degree Program that includes Health Care Administration, Criminal Justice, and Business Administration.

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – Central Christian College requires a High School transcript or previous College credit hours completed or equivalent. They also need to see ACT, CLT or SAT scores. The minimum range for SAT is 890-1130; ACT is 17-22.
    • Fees – Along with your application, there is a non-refundable $50 application fee.
    • Cost – The cost of attendance for a full-time Freshman before financial aid is just over 35K per year; this includes room and board, but not books or other personal expenses.

The Final Word

Central Christian College offers many methods to finance your education. They are typical Scholarships, grants, and student loans. There is an option to have an on-campus job to help fund your studies.

Attending college is the first big decision a teen must make. There are several things to consider before you take the leap. The decision process includes: does this school line up with your calling, where is it located, as well as what will it cost to attend? Most importantly, you must understand that God will always lead you in the right direction. Time in prayer and seeking advice from trusted individuals is crucial. Through sound counsel, you will feel confident in your ultimate choice. Also, know that the promise God gave to Isaiah still applies to you today.



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